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Hello, and welcome to Texas AK Triggers.

We offer the finest US made Kalashnikov trigger sets available.

Our triggers are made from an improved design of Ivan Kolev, former Chief Designer for the Arsenal Co. Kazanlak factory. These parts are made to Mr. Kolev's specifications in alloy, heat treatment and dimensions, and the foundry making them is held to very high standards. Each of the 3 parts is marked with the outline of the State of Texas.

These fire control groups will work in any Kalashnikov or actual variant¹, to name just a few: Saiga rifles and shotguns, Russian AK-47, AKM, AK-74, AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, AK-104, AK-74m and AK-105 and others, Hungarian SA-85 and others, Bulgarian AKs with stamped and milled receivers, Chinese AKs, Yugoslavian M64, M70AB1, M70AB2, M76, M92 "Krinkov", M95 and others. These will also work in the Galil/Golani rifles and some VEPR rifles² from the Molot Arsenal in Russia

These trigger sets will also work with all receivers from Armory USA, Elk River Tool & Die and Nodak Spud.

The trigger set, with notes:

The angle on the hooks have been designed for smoother cycling of the rifle.

The trigger face is grooved for improved handling in less than optimum conditions.

The hammer face has been designed for smoother operation. You will also see less of a "bolt hold open" effect than you will with trigger groups from other vendors.

The disconnector has been designed for smooth operation with no "trigger slap".

Our deluxe fire control group. This includes the trigger, hammer and disconnecter plus a US made Bulgarian style retainer and a US made disconnecter spring. Both of these springs have been made to the original Kalashnikov standards and are new (not 30 year old relics from a warehouse).

The following purchase options are available:

1. Our deluxe package (and best deal around): This includes the hammer, trigger, and disconnecter along with a new disconnecter spring and a Bulgarian style retaining wire. - $35.00

2. Extra Bulgarian style retainer(s) with the purchase of our trigger group - $5.00 each

3. Extra Disconnecter spring(s) with the purchase of our trigger group - $3.50 each

4. Bulgarian style retainer - $7.00

5. Disconnecter spring - $5.00

Texas residents, please add 8.25% for state sales tax.
Shipping and handling is $9.00 and includes up to 10 trigger sets or knives. Orders of 11 trigger sets or knives , please add 50¢ per each additional item.

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[1] Some receivers set up for single hook triggers may need a small slot cut in receiver's trigger hole for proper function. If you don't want to cut such a slot, please don't buy one of these FCGs (buy a Tapco single hook FCG instead), as in our opinion it will be a waste of money.
[2] Reported to not work in newer VEPRs.

Kalashnikov fire control group retainer plates

We are now offering the strongest, longest lasting Kalashnikov axis pin retainer plates in the industry. These are made from hardened spring steel and should prove to be almost indestructable. They are made after a design one of our friends brought back from Russia, and should fit all Kalashnikov variants (Saiga-12 owners will need to make a slight modification). These retainer plates are proudly made right here in Houston, Texas.

These retainers are quite reasonably price at $5.50 each.

Texas residents, please add 8.25% for state sales tax.
Shipping and handling is $2.50 for up to 10 plates. Please add $1 for each quantity of 11 through 20, $2 for 21 through 30, etc.

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Imported military Kalashnikov stock sets - unfinished!

We have recently acquired these brand new imported military Kalashnikov stock sets. These stock sets are made of laminated beech wood are steel reinforced. Complete with all metal parts, they are completely finished and sanded, they just need staining or painting. This is your chance to make your Kalashnikov "your own", with your control of the stain or finish used. These are absolutely gorgeous and will make some drool-worthy Russian or Polish colored furniture (the camera just does not do it justice).

More pictures of these fine stock sets

These brand new bare stock set are selling for $95.00 per set and supplies are limited.

Texas residents, please add 8.25% for state sales tax.
Shipping and handling is $10 for each stock set.

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Gentleman's knives

These gentleman's knives are hand made and have Damascus steel blades. They are available with horn and bone handles and in two styles.

On the left are the Texas Toothpicks and on the right are the Doctor's knives.

They are reasonably priced at $68.00 each.

Texas residents, please add 8.25% for state sales tax.
Shipping and handling is $9.00 and includes up to 10 knives or trigger sets. For orders of 11 knives or trigger sets or more, please add .50¢ per each additional item.

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